Building, Refurbishing, and Replicating Production Equipment

Carmel Engineering has the expertise, equipment, and skilled team to manufacture, repair, refurbish, and even replicate all types of components and equipment for nearly any industry.

Replicating What You Can’t Buy

We’re particularly skilled at reverse engineering and replicating equipment and parts that are no longer offered by manufacturers, where the OEM is no longer in business, or where replacement cost is prohibitive. We analyze, document, and disassemble the original, then engineer and build a replacement that matches or exceeds its performance. That way, we protect the integrity of existing production lines at a fraction of the cost of replacing systems.

Refurbishing and Repairing

Our skilled team can reduce costs, extend equipment life, and increase throughput by repairing and restoring equipment to better than working order. We can also repurpose and reconfigure existing equipment to accommodate changes in production. In addition, we can refurbish used equipment that you’ve purchased.


Carmel Engineering can build custom equipment to your specs and needs. We meet promised schedules and budgets, and design equipment with interchangeable components to make future repairs and replacements more economical.