Solving Challenges in a Wide Range of Industries

Carmel Engineering’s customer-focused approach and engineering resources give us a significant advantage when it comes to helping a wide range of companies and facilities optimize their operations. From enhancing the efficiency of heat exchangers to replacing augers for wastewater treatment, we approach every challenge with the goal of finding the most affordable, most productive approach.

Equipment Design and Manufacturing

Our complete machine shop specializes in building and refurbishing the kind of equipment that keeps production lines functioning at full efficiency. We can create new equipment based upon your specs and challenges. Carmel Engineering frequently works on equipment and systems such as:

  • Repairing pumps for edible oil production
  • Building specialized equipment for biodiesel refining
  • Replacing mixers and sludge pumps for wastewater facilities
  • Building and optimizing heat exchangers
  • Optimizing hospital pumps and condensers
  • Customizing equipment for energy generation and delivery

Repair, Refurbish, and Replicate

We have the ability to repair and refurbish nearly any component or part in your operation, even items that are no longer available from the OEM. We have extensive experience at reverse-engineering and replicating equipment and parts that have become obsolete, but that are critical for our clients’ operations.