Serving the Food and Beverage Industry

Carmel Engineering has decades of experience at solving the production problems in the food, beverage, and similar FDA-regulated industries. While we’re known for what we build, our expertise incorporates extensive understanding of the chemistry and physics involved in food and beverage processing, so our solutions are driven by both science and engineering.

Equipment Design and Manufacturing

Our complete machine shop specializes in building and refurbishing the kind of equipment that keeps food and beverage lines functioning at full productivity. We can create new equipment based upon your specs and challenges, repair and refurbish existing components to improve performance and extend service life, and reverse-engineer and replicate equipment and components that are no longer available to keep unique equipment operating. From heat exchangers, to shafts, to pumps for edible oils, to blades and more, we can produce what you need on time, on spec, and on budget.

Refurbishing Equipment

Commercial bakeries and other food processors often keep budgets under control by taking advantage of affordable used equipment. Our team performs comprehensive restoration and improvements to used equipment to deliver performance and reliability that can exceed that of newly manufactured components.

Engineering Support

We analyze and create solutions that deliver higher throughput, better quality, and enhanced productivity to your production lines. Our team uses an engineering-based approach to develop plans that will streamline your process, manufacture new equipment or modify your existing components, oversee implementation, and verify that performance meets or exceeds your specs.